I’ve had many visions about the most random things with the weirdest stories one could ever imagine. I’ve dreamt about aliens exterminating people with rat poison, about having a roller coaster in my school, about Michael Jordan being at my house although I don’t even like basketball and have never watched a game. How in bloody hell does this relate to my ordinary student life? Of course, there is plenty of events and details behind these peculiar themes I didn’t and won’t tell you, but there is one specific case I would like to share.

Once I dreamt about a man. A man I’d never seen in my imaginary dream life neither in my real life and with whom I established some kind of deep, immediate connection. As soon as I met him, it felt like we’d known each other for a really long time, despite the fact that during the entire dream not even one word was exchanged and I didn’t even know his name.

There was a moment when he was by my side and a sudden feeling came to me, something I had never felt before and yet recognized right away. At that time it felt so true, but when I think about it now it scares me a bit. I felt I loved him.

Now, i don’t want this to look like a surrealistic love story fanfic, but the point is: so far I’ve never fell in love with anyone, so how could I possibly feel it and know what that sensation was? How did I experience something for the first time in a dream, given that they are based on past occurences we’ve lived? Does this say something about my relationships I’m not aware of? If I ever fall in love in real life, will it feel the same?

This is surely one of the most curious events that have ever happened to me and I really hope I’ll be able to understand it someday.